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A classic arcade game in a 3D cube: exciting, colorful, funny.

Do you remember the classic Snake game? Get ready to forget about it! The new Snake’n’Cube arcade will bring your experience to a totally different level.
Do you think you know where left is and are you sure to tell it from right? You’ll be disoriented, crawling across six sides of a 3D сube. Check yourself and turn the imagination on!
The task is as simple as in the classic Snake: collect apples and try not to catch your tail. Do you think that will be easy? Then what about deadly bees or cactuses which appear in front of you much more often than an apple does? You will also meet fly agarics that make the snake longer, but do not add points to your score, and flying cakes that will turn every obstacle into an apple. Catch them all and have fun!
Don’t worry if at some point your cube becomes too small, you can go to the main menu and choose a bigger one.


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